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About Alfastreet

ALFASTREET continues to affirm its uncontested position of leadership in the creation of exceptional, high profile multi-player electronic gaming instruments.

Alfastreet multi-player series of products include Automated electronic Roulette, Alfastreet Live Roulette and Automated electronic Dice in various models and configurations. Alfastreet products are a synonym for top quality, technologically advanced, carefully designed, crafted and built Gaming instruments. Flexibility of services, inventiveness and customer orientation assure maximized customer's and player's profitability in maintain the brand's leading market position.

Alfastreet is a name that incorporates trust and excellence.


The Company

Company Počkaj d.o.o. is a private limited company, owner of a well known, fast growing gaming brand Alfastreet gaming instruments, with it's head office and production facilities based in Slovenia. The company's trade operations are closely linked up with branch offices, sales representatives and distributors around the world .

We all focus on teamwork as our guiding principle. Furthermore, we are keen to demonstrate our customers the commitment to service their needs with reliability, efficiency and excellence, combining our unique skills with the latest technology

All company's business operations, products and services are carefully adjusted to local markets, current standards and legislations.


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